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Most popular products

Custom spray cans

At Cawthra we specialize in high quality custom spray paint to match your vehicle, while you wait. Bring in a sample or call us with the paint code and we will match your spray paint in no time. Call or stop by to order your factory matched automotive paints at an affordable price for your car today.

Shocks and struts

Shocks and struts is what keeps your tires in contact with the road. If your shocks or strut are worn your tires and brakes may not be able to respond to road conditions properly. Monroe offers Sensatrac and Monroematic shocks and struts giving you more options for performance and price.

Blue Streak

Blue Streak is the largest aftermarket supplier of automotive electronics in Canada, supplying almost everything electronic on you vehicle. If its ignition caps, rotors or wires, sensors, modules, relays, switches, coils and more Blue Streak makes it.

Moog Parts

Moog is a supplier to NASCAR and is the best there is in suspension. We carry a complete line of suspension parts: Ball Joints -Tie Rods Control Arms -Sway Bar End Links Bushings -Idler/Pitman Arms Strut Mounts -Drag Links Moog offers suspension parts for all makes and models.


The brakes of an automobile are the most important system on the vehicle. With Bendix you get OEM fit and function, Guaranteed not to squeal or make noise. Cawthra Automotive can offer the complete Bendix line of brake products, weather it is brake pads or shoes


Visteon Electric Parts

Rebuilding alternators, starters and generators for all automotive, Agricultural and industrial applications. Paired with Visteon Cawthra Automotive can offer a complete line of alternator and starters for any vehicle on the road.

Automotive Refinishes

Specializing in supplying everything required to repair your car exterior. With Sherwin Williams we can offer two complete lines of paint products. The first being WAX waterborne, a superior color matching paint with excellent coverage.

Body Repair Parts

If you need to repair a plastic panel or bumper, fill a dent in metal or repair fiberglass Pro-form makes the right product. We can also provide all the equipment and products to undercoat or rustproof your vehicle.

AP exhaust parts

AP exhaust is the leader in replacement exhaust parts, offering almost everything for your car exhaust. Cawthra Automotive carries all exhaust parts including y-pipes, converters and oxygen sensors.